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Mon, 25th May 2015

How many geckos to hold up a human?

Gecko (c) TWI Ltd

Colour-switching sticklebacks, geckos with enough adhesive power to hold up a human, bats with built-in sonar and moles with amazing noses - this week we go in search of the world's most incredible animals. Scientists passionate about their species put their cases to our panel. But which animal will be crowned king?

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  • 47:47 - Brilliant bats!

    Bats use echolocation - ultrasound sonar - to find their way around and to hunt down prey. But how do they do it?

  • 55:54 - The Sticklebacks Return...

    We finally find out what has happened to Jolle's stickleback fish!



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The problem with the geckos is this, "What sort of tack could you use to harness them up?" Pecos_Bill, Fri, 29th May 2015

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