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Fri, 10th Jul 2015

Does food affect your mood?

Red Delicious apples (c) Stacey Spensley - Flickr

Do tall people swim faster? Why is Cholera so difficult to kill and get rid of? If there's so much cell regeneration in our bodies, why do we get old and die? Does food affect your mood? Plus, new research into medical marijuana.

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Hi, first of all congratulations for your programs. I've only made one comment before and it was about a question about a theoretical problem about planes traveling at near the speed of light (btw problems that Einstein loved). Now I'm writing you trying to help you with a much easier question that obviously in the stressful scenario of a radio program I would probably had failed myself too. In the question about the swimmers, acording to Galileo's relativity(1632) it doesnt matter if it is the swimmer or the water what is moving. Indeed swimmers use that kind of swimming pools for biomechanical studies of their swimming technique that allows them to be on the same point all the time. And obviously if the drag was different they could not trust in a study done under different conditions. theSpanishPhysicist, Sat, 11th Jul 2015

Sugar is not a stimulant. Amber, Wed, 15th Jul 2015

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