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Thu, 13th Aug 2015

Mysterious methylation

DNA methylation (c) Christoph Bock (Max Planck Institute for Informatics)

There’s more to life than the four letters of DNA, and our cells use a chemical tag known as DNA methylation to mark out certain parts of the genome, helping cells to remember what they’re doing. And, as you might expect, it’s pretty important. Plus, how your GCSE success could be encoded in your genes, an important molecular cause of autism identified, and an illuminating gene of the month.

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  • 01:07 - Peter Jones - DNA methylation

    To get the low-down on the mysteries of methylation I spoke to one of the leading experts in the field - Professor Peter Jones.

  • 09:52 - Robert Plomin - GCSE genes

    Robert Plomin at King’s College London has discovered that genetics makes an unexpectedly large contribution to children's GCSE grades

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