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Mon, 16th Nov 2015

Why do we go bald on our heads?

A bald patch (c) digiology

Listener Colin got in touch to ask why we go bald on our heads but not elsewhere on our body. Rosalind Davis has been pulling her hair out over this one with Professor Robert Foley from the University of Cambridge to try and find out the answer...

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well friends,
In ancient days, question of bald head is very rare and at present reverse is happening.
Hereby i call upon scientists to carry out experiments more seriously keeping in view of some of the points noted by me.
01  At present we are using shampoos to clean our hair. 
02  These shampoos are prepared from food items that are exactly needed by our hair.
03  Vitamins in these shampoos actually helps our hair to strengthen.
01  Actually if we take food, it is properly digested, and supplied to hair.
02  But here what we are doing, giving them food directly.
01 suppose if we are thirsty, drink water and not a bath.
02  Suppose if we are hungry, eat food and not attach it to stomach.

Suppose if we sits in water for long time, what happens outer layer of our skin is damaged.

Here also we are using shampoos to clean our hair on head only.  Contents of these shampoos are attaching hair and weakening them.

Let us start the process immediately and save our future generation from bald head.


pasala, Wed, 18th Nov 2015

I have no real evidence but I have a theory that baldness is linked to lack of vitamin D3 in your ancestry and going bald would enable future generations to obtain more D3 through letting the skin absorb more by revealing the very most prominent part of the body to sunlight. It is also noticeable that in the the very few parts of the world that get adequate D3 in their diet, then baldness is almost unknown. It is also noticeable that darker skinned people from warmer climates seem to be losing their hair as they go from generation to generation, just a thought. Nev, Tue, 1st Dec 2015

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