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Wed, 10th Feb 2016

Russian Lunar Rovers and Floating Number Twos

STS1 Launch (c) NASA

Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham talk Mars rovers, Russian lunar rovers and floating number twos during this month’s podcast. Europe's ExoMars mission scientist Nicholas Thomas reveals the role an alcoholic drink played in the naming of one of the Trace Gas Orbiter’s key science instruments (as well as what it does of course) while NASA scientist John Grant reveals how some Mars rovers just keep on going and that maybe ideas of canals on the Martian surface weren’t so far fetched after all. London science museum space curator Doug Millard also features discussing Luna 9 and, joining the Space Boffins in the studio, is best selling author Rowland White, whose latest book Into the Black covers the first space shuttle mission STS-1. All in all, another thrilling ride into the world of space.

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Helen Sharman remarked, many years ago, that the first question everyone asked at public lectures was about the toilet. Plus ca change.... And hats off (or bottoms up) to Howard Wolowitz. alancalverd, Wed, 10th Feb 2016

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