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Tue, 22nd Mar 2016

Do you burn more calories when thinking?

Thinking ape (c)

This week, you asked the questions, we have the answers. Our expert panel take on queries like; why don't whales get the bends, does chloroform work like it does in the movies, and would a spinning spaceship simulate gravity? Plus, the week's science news, including the controversial sugar tax, how ExoMars 2016 hunts for life on the red planet and why NASA plan to set fire to a space station.

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  • 36:30 - Would dimples on planes make them more aerodynamic

    Why aren't boats and planes dimpled? My understanding is that dimples on golf balls reduce drag to let the fly farther from the same whack. Wouldn't it make sense to use the same trick to reduce drag on vehicles?

  • 37:59 - ExoMars 2016 launches

    We're sending another probe to Mars! But why are we going back?

  • 40:14 - Do unripe pairs contain the same about energy as ripe pears?

    Is the energy available to us from pears the same for unripened fruit (with more starches) as for ripened fruit (where starches are converted into sugars) ?

  • 42:14 - Why are some animals asymmetrical?

    People are not perfectly symmetrical (especially internally) and I suppose animals are like that too. But how does evolutionary biology explain how fiddler crabs have one claw very much bigger than the other. If one big claw is "good" wouldn't two big claws be "better"? Are there...

  • 44:49 - What would happen if you switched on a laser pointer in space?

    If a laser pointer was floating in space and not moving in any direction, would the laser pointer move if the light was switched on? Maybe even a nano meter or movement? Has this been tested?

  • 46:05 - Is flossing good for your general health?

    Here's my question: do people who floss their teeth really live longer? And, if it's true, is it because there is a real connection between the health of our teeth and our body's health or is it just that people who floss tend to take better care of their entire body? Is this som...



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