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Wed, 13th Apr 2016

What's in your genes?

23 pairs of human chromosomes (c) Courtesy: National Human Genome Research Institute

As the costs of DNA analysis come down, weíve seen the rise of direct-to-consumer genetic testing, allowing anyone to spit in a tube, pop it in the post and get a personalised readout direct to their inbox. But what do these tests actually reveal? Plus, how advertising execs can help us talk about genes, digging up the secrets in dogs genomes, and our gene of the month is totally legless.

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In this edition of Naked Genetics

Full Transcript

  • 18:17 - Maternal gene therapy trial

    Researchers have found that pregnant women would be prepared to take part in a gene therapy trial for the condition fetal growth restriction

  • 20:15 - Jeff Schoenebeck - Dog genetics

    Humans arenít the only animals to be getting their genomes analysed - our four-legged friends have been getting in on the act too.

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