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Mon, 1st Aug 2016

The Science Too Hot To Handle

Fire (c)

The Olympics is finally upon us and from going for gold in the tropical Rio climate to boosting the efficiency of jet engines, our ability to cope in high temperatures could make the difference between falling or flying. So this week on The Naked Scientists we're exploring the many ways in which humans, and machines, can handle the heat.
Plus, which country tops the charts when it comes to height? Also, we’ll hear how tomatoes hold the key to fending off a deadly parasite.

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  • 30:23 - How do you stop a jet engine melting?

    The inside of a jet engine can get up to 1600 degrees Celsius, so how do the materials survive this intense heat?

  • 38:07 - Flying close to the sun

    The Solar Orbiter is going closer to the sun than we've ever sent anything before, but how do you design it to withstand the intense heat?

  • 43:57 - Going for gold at 26 degrees Celsius

    The human body has its own mechanisms for handling the heat but how can we optimise them at the Rio Olympics?

  • 49:58 - What would half the Earth look like?

    If we could slice the Earth in half and leave the inner or outer core intact (like cutting an avocado), what would it look like from space?   Thanks.   Tony Miami, Florida, USA.



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