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Mon, 5th Sep 2016

How Old is the Average Atom?

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Can we see the lunar landing sites with a telescope? Why is it cooler at altitude despite being closer to the Sun? Why is there no salt in sea ice? Was it windier when the Earth turned faster? What will end life on Earth sooner, the cooling core or the Sun becoming a red giant? Is modern medicine damaging the gene pool? How old is the average atom? This week David Rothery, Caroline Steel, Andrew Holding and Adam Townsend join Kat Arney to answering the science questions that you've been sending in...

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  • 14:29 - Why is there no salt in sea ice?

    Dear Chris, I manage an aftercare in Cape Town South Africa, and I listen to your show on the Redi Hlabi show, Cape Talk 567, on Friday mornings. One of my students, Zac, wants to ask the question: "If the ice caps melt, they will dilute the salt water because they are made from...

  • 15:43 - Is modern medicine damaging the gene pool?

    People are alive today thanks to modern medicine preventing them from dying otherwise. Is this affecting the fitness of the human gene pool?

  • 21:45 - How do we use light to work out that the universe is expanding?

    i had a question concerning a subject you were talking about-size of the universe I did not have education but ..don't think that's the reason that I don't get it--'dark' (mysterious) energy (do we know by any measure, a ratio how much this speed has increased?.. meanwhile ...

  • 23:27 - If you were in space without any protection what would kill you first?

    In the movie 2001 - A Space Odyssey, astronaut Dave has to reenter the mothership from his pod but he does not have his helmet. Leaving the pod without a helmet, would he freeze first (space being 2.7k), or would his lungs erupt due to relative high pressure of air in his lungs c...

  • 33:20 - How does sun on your skin make vitamin D?

    Hi, I listen to your programme Naked Scientist at 5am on Saturday mornings. My question is:- How does sunlight shining on the skin make vitamin D? When and by whom was this discovered? Why aren't other vitamins made this way? How much skin needs to be exposed and for ho...

  • 36:32 - How does a microwave burn food?

    How does a microwave burn/char things without infrared radiation.

  • 42:28 - How do objects orbit in space?

    Dear Chris, My question is about orbiting bodies and Earth orbits in particular. Is this statement correct ? All orbiting bodies in the vacuum of space are perpetually free-falling faster and faster while encircling the larger body, but maintaining a constant distance from the ...

  • 44:58 - Do we have areas of our bodies with different genes owing to mutation?

    Our cells are dividing all the time ... billions of times. There must be many mutations during these divisions and some of these get propagated. Do we have areas of our bodies with different genetics? Thanks, Angelo Odato



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