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Tue, 4th Oct 2016

Is the Bermuda Triangle really cursed?

ship sea (c)

For this week's mythconception, Kat Arney investigates the many mysteries surrounding the notorious Bermuda Triangle.



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Re the title, one of the theories I heard was the release of methane hydrate from beneath the sea floor, causing large bubbles of gas. If a ship happened to be there it would find itself supported by gas instead of water, and sink. I suppose the methane hydrate could be released due to a minor earthquake or something like that.

Note: it wouldn't explain the compass problems. Semaphore, Wed, 5th Oct 2016

Sad to say, the infamous disappearance of a training squadron was due to nothing more than poor piloting. Having misidentified a group of islands, the leader ignored radar and VDF operators who gave correct guidance to the mainland and set off in the wrong direction in poor visibility, claiming that "the compasses are all wrong" and overriding his second-in-command who offered to take the lead as his compass agreed with the ground stations.

Fitness to fly is as much psychological as physical and intellectual, but that element is rarely tested on the ground or in training. alancalverd, Wed, 5th Oct 2016

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