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    What does DNA sequencing do for me?

    Tue, 12th Mar 2013

    Cambridge chemist and biotechnologist Shankar Balasubramanian discusses DNA sequencing and...

  • A Myelinated Neuron (c) Electron Microscopy Facility at Trinity College


    Protecting Nerves from Damage

    Sat, 5th Jan 2013

    How can we protect neurons from degeneration?  In this podcast from Cambridge Cafe Sc...

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    How Intelligence Happens

    Mon, 7th May 2012

    This month, Professor John Duncan explores human intelligence and the neurons and circuits...

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    Pain and Pain Relief

    Mon, 26th Mar 2012

    Peter McNaughton provides an insight into the science of pain - what it is, what causes it...

  • The human brain (c) WriterHound @ Wikipedia


    The Biology of Behaviour

    Tue, 22nd Nov 2011

    Professor Tony Holland provides a window into the biology of behaviour and how genetic sy...

  • cardiac defribrillator (c)


    Cambridge Cafe Scientifique - NHS Rationing

    Mon, 10th Oct 2011

    Dr. Linda Sharples gives an insight into the workings of the National Institute for Healt...

  • Sheep (c) United States Department of Agriculture


    Learning about Sheep Learning

    Mon, 13th Jun 2011

    Professor Jenny Morton provides new insight into the cognitive abilities of the supposedly...

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    Cambridge Cafe Scientifique - Zero Degrees of Empathy

    Mon, 16th May 2011

    This month, Professor Simon Baron-Cohen explores human empathy and explains what empathy i...

  • Alzheimers Senile Plaques (c) User:KGH@wikipedia


    Alzheimers on the Mind

    Thu, 17th Feb 2011

    For this month's Cafe, Graham Fraser, from the Medical Research Council, discusses the pre...

  • Cells Dividing (c) Cancer Research UK


    Cambridge Cafe Scientifique - DNA and Cancer

    Tue, 9th Nov 2010

    In this month's podcast Professor Ron Laskey discusses the links between our DNA and cance...

  • The effects of old age on the human face (c) Michael Ströck


    Cambridge Cafe Scientifique - Dementia and an Ageing Population

    Tue, 19th Oct 2010

    This month, Professor Carol Brayne discusses the consequences of our ageing population and...

  • A light programmable biofilm (c) Endy @ wikipedia


    Cambridge Cafe Scientifique - Synthetic Biology

    Tue, 13th Jul 2010

    Synthetic biology goes under the microscope in this month's Cafe Scientifique, as Gos Mick...

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