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Sat, 15th Jun 2013

Elife Episode 1: Multicellular life, potato blight and Hepatitis B

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How multicellular life began, museum specimens surrender the identity of the bug behind the Irish potato famine, the Hepatitis B and D virus receptor discovered, why fog clouds driver judgement and where nucleosomes came from.

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  • 01:02 - Origins of Multicellular Life

    How did multicellular life evolve? Ancient ancestors of ours, the choanoflagellates, might give us a clue...

  • 07:40 - Potato Blight

    Scientists have identified the bug that caused the Irish potato famine...

  • 29:03 - Why does fog cloud driver judgement?

    What happens when you drive in fog? Often low visibility is blamed for accidents in these conditions, but how fast are we really driving?

  • 35:26 - How did nucleosomes evolve?

    How did our cells come by their nucleosomes? They help pack DNA tightly inside our cell nuclei and control when genes get turned on/off.



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