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Mon, 26th Aug 2013

eLife Episode 3: Now hear this, flu jabs and worm stem cells

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The cocktail party effect and how the brain decides which sounds to attend to, genes dismissed as dead relics turn out to play significant roles in inflammation, iPS cells reproduce degenerative retinal disease, the genetic responses to flu jabs, and the discovery of stem cells in schistosomes...

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  • 00:44 - The cocktail party effect

    Neuroscientists are getting closer to understanding how people can distinguish where different sounds come from in noisy environments

  • 07:01 - Turning on pseudogenes

    Researchers have discovered a role for pseudogenes which are thought to be dead genes in regulating the immune response.

  • 27:27 - Stem cells and tropical diseases

    Genetic techniques are providing new insights into the origins of schistosomiasis, a tropical disease that is caused by parasitic flatworms



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