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Sun, 26th Jul 2015

eLife episode 22: Magnetic Nerve Cells

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In this episode of the eLife podcast we hear about cancer, dengue fever, sperm DNA and neurones that are sensitive to magnetic fields.

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  • 00:35 - Magnetically-sensitive worms

    How do some animals navigate the world without maps? A neuron in worms has been discovered that can detect the earth's magnetic field.

  • 06:07 - Too much mutation can damage cancer

    Cancer is caused by gene mutation but how much is too much and could increasing mutations lead to new treatments?

  • 11:38 - Reprogramming sperm DNA

    For the egg and sperm to combine their DNA they first both have to be in the same format, but what is the sperm's role in this?

  • 17:33 - Mapping mosquitoes to track dengue

    Mosquitoes are becoming an increasing problem with the spread of disease, but in order to tackle them we first need to know where they are.



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