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Thu, 1st Oct 2015

eLife episode 24: Escaping from Predators

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In this episode of the eLife podcast we hear about Parkinson's Disease,
depression, chickenpox, bats, beetles and how small prey can escape
larger predators.

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In this edition of eLife

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  • 00:35 - Model behaviour

    Exploring the links between the chickenpox vaccination and shingles.

  • 06:16 - Sounds good

    Some bats rely on the detection of acoustic shadows to locate their prey.

  • 10:44 - Catch me if you can

    Small animals can escape larger predators by exploiting their ability to turn more rapidly.

  • 15:37 - Good and bad parents

    The quality of parenting received by young beetles influences how they look after their own larvae.



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