Cambridge Science Festival

  • Pannonhalma Archabbey (c) Fgg @ Wikipedia


    Renewable Energy and Venetian Acoustics - Cambridge Science Festival 08

    Thu, 13th Mar 2008

    On today's Cambridge science festival podcast we find out the best solutions to kick ...

  • Algae (c) Nojhan @ wikimedia


    Revealing our Minds and Saving our Planet - Cambridge Science Festival 08

    Mon, 10th Mar 2008

    In the first of the Cambridge Science Festival podcasts we find out a bout a BIG experimen...

  • Cracking Physics, Countdowns, and Drunken Fleas.

    Sun, 1st Apr 2007

    Ben Valsler goes in search of some cracking physics, Meera Senthilingam joins a school gro...

  • Chemistry, Bacteria, Eyeballs, and the TIme Truck

    Mon, 26th Mar 2007

    In this episode Anna Lacey finds out what is exciting about chemistry, Chris looks at the ...

  • DNA, Cosmic Rock Guitar and the Ig Nobel Prizes

    Thu, 22nd Mar 2007

    In this episode Mark Lewney uses rock guitar to explain the mysteries of the universe, fes...

  • Silent Aircraft, Astronomy and Robots

    Mon, 19th Mar 2007

    This episode stars Nicola Buckley the festival coordiator, Dr Tom Hynes talking about sile...

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