Darwin Festival 2009

  • Table Coral (c) Yumi Yasutake, NOAA


    Conversations from the Darwin Festival - Brian Rosen

    Mon, 3rd Aug 2009

    Darwin's first book was on coral reefs. Brian Rosen, from the Natural History Museum in Lo...

  • John Sulston (c) PLoS


    Conversations from the Darwin Festival - Sir John Sulston

    Mon, 27th Jul 2009

    This week we're in conversation with Nobel laureate Sir John Sulston, the man behind the h...

  • Ruth Padel (c) Ruth Padel


    Conversations from the Darwin Festival - Ruth Padel

    Mon, 20th Jul 2009

    Poet and Darwin-descendent Ruth Padel talks about how the history books led her to write &...

  • Baba Brinkman & Charles Darwin (c) David Fisher


    The Rap Guide to Evolution - Darwinian Hip Hop

    Wed, 15th Jul 2009

    Award winning Canadian hip hop artist Baba Brinkman brings us his Rap Guide to Evolution, ...

  • Charles Darwin, from a photograph by Elliott & Fry. (c) Bain News Service, publisher.


    The Daily Darwin - News from Friday's Festival

    Thu, 9th Jul 2009

    We tie up the Darwin Festival with predictions on global warming and the future of the hum...

  • A Woodburytype carte de visite photograph of Charles Darwin, published by John G. Murdoch.  (c) John G. Murdoch


    The Daily Darwin - News from Thursday's Festival

    Wed, 8th Jul 2009

    The fourth day brings together geologists and an exploration of Darwin's early scientific ...

  • Photograph of Charles Darwin c. 1854 (c) Henry Maull (1829–1914) and John Fox (1832–1907)


    The Daily Darwin - News from Wednesday's Festival

    Tue, 7th Jul 2009

    Day three of the festival and if you’ve ever wondered what a Darwin rap sounds like, this ...

  • Water-colour portrait of Charles Darwin painted by George Richmond in the late 1830s. (c) George Richmond


    The Daily Darwin - News from Tuesday's Festival

    Mon, 6th Jul 2009

    We catch up with festival attendees and speakers on the second day of the Darwin Festival ...

  • Portrait of Charles Darwin (c) Julia Margaret Cameron


    The Daily Darwin - News From the Darwin Festival

    Sun, 5th Jul 2009

    This week sees Cambridge University celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of ...

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