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Tue, 3rd Sep 2013

Car Cooking Skyscraper

20 Fenchurch Street - The 'Walkie Talkie' (c) Ewan Munro

You may have heard this week about a new building at 20 Fenchurch St, in the City of London. The 37-storey skyscraper, which has already been dubbed the ‘Walkie-talkie’ due to its unusual shape, has been blamed for cooking a number of vehicles parked nearby. Some suggest that this might be due to the novel shape of the building, which causes it to act as a parabolic reflector, targeting sun’s rays. Here’s the quick fire science behind parabolic reflectors and their uses.

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  • Car Cooking Skyscraper

    The 'Walkie Talkie' in London has been damaging cars this week by acting as a parabolic reflector, targeting the sun's rays on passers by...



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