Science from the Sporran

  • Super-speed tennis ball bounce

    Thu, 26th Feb 2009

    We present the final outing of the inscrutable Dr Otherford as he succeeds in his efforts ...

  • Invisibility Cloak

    Thu, 19th Feb 2009

    Subsequent to a typical indulgence in his reveries, the daring nature of Dr Ernest Otherfo...

  • Electrostatic force fields

    Thu, 12th Feb 2009

    The enthralling conventions that govern a phenomenon commonly described as attraction are ...

  • Toaster Hot Air Balloon

    Thu, 5th Feb 2009

    In anticipation of explorative feats typically confined to the world of Jules Verne, Dr Ot...

  • Flying toilet rolls

    Thu, 29th Jan 2009

    A sporting Dr Otherford inspects the qualified merits of a vigorous games technique known ...

  • Cola Eruption

    Thu, 22nd Jan 2009

    Upon resumption of his ambulatory grounds inspections, Dr Otherford convenes a vessel of c...

  • Vacuum Bazooka

    Thu, 15th Jan 2009

    A most bellicose form of artillery is ingeniously mobilised by Dr Otherford subsequent to ...

  • Defying Gravity

    Thu, 8th Jan 2009

    Following an excogitation upon the baroque quality of aqua vitae in the sober milieu of hi...

  • Hurricane in a bottle

    Thu, 18th Dec 2008

    An hurricane of most symmetric and yet lilliputian proportions is manufactured with the ex...

  • Stabbing Potatoes

    Thu, 11th Dec 2008

    The esteemed Dr Otherford partakes of a perambulation within his estate when he abruptly i...

  • Build a Submarine

    Fri, 5th Dec 2008

    Dr Ernest Otherford assembles a material manifestation of his naval warfare reveries throu...

  • Levitating balls

    Fri, 28th Nov 2008

    The audacious experimenter achieves the most sublime effect of levitation through the enga...

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