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What are wormholes?

Mon, 3rd Aug 2015

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Patrick asked:

What are wormholes and how are they created in the universe?


James Farr investigates with Harvey Reall, theoretical physicist from Cambridge University...

[transcript to follow]


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Where are the worms? Everyone knows to make a wormhole you need a worm!  In the case of cosmological wormholes, I wonder what the equivalent would be?  Energy? Aaron_Thomas, Sun, 13th Sep 2015

Glad you said energy.. I have a great pictures of a huge space worm in my mind... coming to swallow planets and stars whole!

Maybe these spaceworms are made of of dark matter and use dark energy so we can't observe them... sneaky things.. ProjectSailor, Mon, 14th Sep 2015 ijaz, Sat, 5th Dec 2015

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