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Genetically tweaking offspring?

Tue, 11th Dec 2012

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Sam Graybeal asked:

Hey, Naked Scientists.


Will the science you're discussing - epigenetics - pave the way for ‘fine tuning’ our offspring?” in other words, actually making tweaks to them to make them healthier and fitter?


Stefanie -   Wow, interesting question.  One could imagine that this could eventually lead to something like this, but I think we’re still in the process of understanding the basic mechanisms behind everything.

Mark D. -   I’ll have to agree with Stefanie.  I think it’s possible.  Our field of epigenetics is still very much in its infancy and understanding how genes are controlled, we’re just starting to get a grip on this.  So, it may be, in the future, we might be able to bespoke this process a bit better.


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