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Can diet affect ADHD?

Fri, 19th Apr 2013

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Kirsty Abbey asked:

Are poor diet and ADHD linked?


Kirstie Abbey has been in touch asking, are poor diet an ADHD linked?  So again, Trevor mentioned these environmental factors like diet being implicated in ADHD but by how much and what diet is good and what's bad?

Sam -   There isnít any clear cut evidence that diet plays a big role in ADHD.  That said, there's a lot we donít understand about the causes.  So, there is some emerging evidence that omega 3 oils might be helpful in ADHD.  There's been some control trials of this.  Not really enough evidence yet.  So say to people in general, you should be going out and taking omega 3 oil as supplements, but it is an important area that weíre looking into.



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