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Are most new year resolutions too ambitious?

Tue, 14th Jan 2014

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Sue Bowman asked:

Are most New Years resolutions will fail because people set unrealistic goals without the right support in place. Is this destructive to people with difficulty around addiction and habits, etc?


Molly Crockett -  I think I would agree that you're more likely to keep your resolution if you make it manageable.  There's a researcher at Stanford named B.J. Fogg who has done some work on this and shown that you just need to establish a habit but in order to carry on with the resolution but you're much more likely to do that if you start really small and manageable.  Actionable items are really important.

Chris -  Ben?

Ben Gardner - Yes, I think Id agree with that.  I think smaller changes are always better when it comes to kind of sustaining behaviour change.  So, certainly kind of, start low go slow is one slogan that's often used to kind of describe that.  We need to look at making quite small changes and then aim to help those build-up so that we can manage the larger changes by going slow.


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