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Growing local rather than freighting?

Tue, 11th Feb 2014

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Wayne Holmes asked:

if only they could figure out how to grow avocado pears in Europe and then we wouldn't have to buy the puny ones from Peru that cost too quid each and we can pick them like we do at apples in autumn.


Its quite important point in that though isnt there where if we could have growth in an area rather than ship it in from across the world.  It would have lower environmental footprint, wouldn't it?

Marie-Ann -   This is the whole question about seasonality.  If we ate only our local seasonal fruit and vegetable at this time of year, Sydney and the UK, were limited to brassicas.  However, we do have a wide variety now.  They have gradually been bread over the centuries.  So, yes, it is a problem.  We would not be eating avocadoes because they are not at all local.  I think even with warmer winters, I don't think we will ever get to a stage where we see avocado trees growing in Cambridge.



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