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Is the Universe symmetrical?

Tue, 1st Apr 2014

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Anon asked:

Is the universe asymmetrical? I don't think he means the particles, but the bubble of existence we’re in. is that asymmetric?


Hubble_deep_field_imageBen -   Yeah.  Actually, physicists are looking for that.  you can look at the afterglow of the Big Bang, the cosmic microwave background and trying to look for that.  I think the fair statement is so far, no evidence, no clear evidence for that has been found, but you know, it’s a subject of active inquiry.  The universe could be spinning which would’ve caused to give some kind of handedness and should leave some imprint in the afterglow.

Harriet -   Chris?The first stars in the Universe turn on at about 400 million years after the Big Bang.

Chris M. -   A variant on that one is a while ago, there were claims that there may be more left-handed than right-handed galaxies and they had people going through images of...

Chris -   The galaxy zoo.

Chris M. -   That's right and going through classifying them.  To start with, it looks about 52 to 48% I think and when they look more closely, it was mostly biases on the part of people looking at these things rather than genuine differences.  We’re not very good at distinguishing right and left in everyday life in fact.


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