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Which hand is best for sport?

Tue, 1st Apr 2014

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Chris Smith asked:

What about this whole question of sports though because I don't if anyone here is a sportsman, but everyone says they're fearful of playing against a left hander. Are left handers better at sport or is it that they just get to play right handers all the time and therefore, when you play a left hander, itís rare for you, but common for them?


Chris M. -   It depends what the sport is.  If itís golf there seems to be very little Golf Balladvantage where itís just you and the ball and a hole.  If itís tennis or something like that where you're playing with other people then if you're right-handed, you don't play so many left handers.  With left handers, mostly play right-handed so they've got the advantage over you.  If itís baseball then the pitch itself is asymmetric.  The left hander is actually one step closer to first base in the right hander after heíd hit the ball.  So then the left handers are advantage from that reason as well.


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