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What do green walls do?

Tue, 29th Apr 2014

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Maria Gabriella asked:

When talking about sustainable architecture you listen about green walls and roofs and urban agriculture. It's claimed that plants absorb the CO2 and the pollutants from the atmosphere, wouldn't it be the same for the crops that we will later eat?


Shaun Fitzgerald - I think the topic of green materials for buildings is amazing An old brick wall in English bond laid with alternating courses of headers and stretchers.because one of the challenges that we have in a building is assessing the embodied energy and how much energy or carbon was used to make materials. If you make it out of things like bamboo, it becomes a carbon sequester.


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A green wall is a wall partially or completely covered with vegetation that includes a growing medium, such as soil. Most green walls also feature an integrated water delivery system. Green walls are also known as living walls, biowalls, ecowalls, or vertical gardens. northernbeach, Fri, 20th Jun 2014

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