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Are chickens and dinosaurs related?

Mon, 15th Jun 2015

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Gontse Manyelo asked:

Can you please explain the relation between chickens and dinosaurs?


We put Gontse's question to our very own Georgia Mills.Dinosaur

Georgia - Well, the short answer there is that chickens are technically dinosaurs. Itís now well established that birds did evolve from dinosaurs. So, at one point there were dinosaurs that were smaller, feathered, there's a really interesting fossil called archaeopteryx which is called a transitional fossil. People sort of see this as quite good evidence that dinosaurs and birds are one in the same really. And so, people say, isnít it a shame that you can't see dinosaurs anymore except for museums, but just go to a local chicken farm. They're dinosaurs, they're avian dinosaurs.

Chris - I've eaten a few then. So, when youíve eaten a dinosaur burger, you really have.

Georgia - Revenge for Jeff Goldblum.


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