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Is dementia on the rise?

Tue, 23rd Feb 2016

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Anand asked:

I work in a care home, we see lots of slow deterioration in people's memory, causing confusion. Is dementia on the rise or is it just we're diagnosing people better?


Chris answered this question...A mature chap wearing a trilby

Chris - Well actually it’s both Anand.  We’re seeing better pickup because we know what we’re looking for but, also, people are living longer.  We’ve got an ageing population and that means more people are living long enough to develop dementia.  And the stark reality is at the moment there are about 30 million people in the world with dementia; within the next 30 years or so, that number’s set to climb to 150 million.  It could become as much as a third of the populations of some western countries. So, certainly, governments are very very worried about how we’re going to care for these people with these problems in the future...


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