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Is wine suitable for vegetarians?

Tue, 22nd Mar 2016

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Is wine suitable for vegetarians?


We put Les' question to panelists Toni Steer and Chris Basu...Red wine

Toni - As far as Iím aware, I think it is suitable for vegetarians, although it does contain - Iím trying to think of the wine-making processÖ

Chris Basu - Wine isnít suitable for vegans if youíre worried about animal by-products.  A lot of alcohol, so beer and wine, in its manufacturing thereís a process where you want to clear all the sediment from it and a lot of processes use fish bladder cells, I believe.

Chris - Can you count it towards on of your five a day though, more importantly Toni?

Toni - No absolutely not!

Chris - Even though itís made from all this healthy grape juice.

Toni - No, thatís definitely not one of the five a day.

Chris - But red wine; there is an evidence base that red wine does have a nutritional benefit, doesnít it because if youíve got the pips and the seeds thereís lots of tannins and antioxidants in it?

Toni - Thereís this idea that actually, youíve got fighter nutrients in red wine that are sort of beneficial in terms of looking at lowering blood pressure a little bit, or acting as antioxidants, reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease but I think that the totality of the evidence is a little bit cautious as to how much you should really have for that kind of beneficial effect.  So I think drinking in moderation is still recommended.



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