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If shivering burns fat, why don't we eat frozen meals?

Mon, 8th Aug 2016

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Frank James asked:

Gurus -Last year, I heard the (to me) ridiculous dieting tip of shivering for 10 min. Is there any advantage, calorie wise, in eating all meals frozen?


We put this to Giles Yeo, from the MRC Metabolic Diseases Unit...Ice cream

Giles - I think the answer is going to be itís probably not a good idea to have your meals frozen. Saying that though, clearly if you shiver, youíre using calories and youíre using energy but itís probably easier to go for a walk; itís easier to do any number of things. I would recommend eating your food warm.

Kat - My housemate yesterday morning walked in holding a stick of celery and said ďIím detoxing, Iím going to do a detox. Iím just hardly going to eat anything,Ē and by lunchtime sheíd cracked and was eating lunch. Do a lot of people just start off with these good intentions?

Giles - What did she eat?

Kat - I think she just cooked up chicken and some vegetables. It was quite healthy.

Chris - Not ice cream. Are they not looking for a bit of a get out clause because they could say, Ďitís cold so Iím having to make a lot of energy to warm this up so, therefore, it doesnít count.í

Kat - Is ice cream a health food? Make our day!

Giles - Iím not paid by Haagen Dazs or Ben & Jerryís - other ice creams are availableÖ

Kat - Ice cream not a health food then?

Chris - Giles Yeo,  basically itís a Ďaugh augh.í Itís a no from you on that one then?

Giles - Itís a no from me.... No. It think itís like saying itís better to drink water to drink water cold. Some people say itís better to drink water warm because youíre warm and itís betterÖ Look, we are very well temperature controlled all the way through. Itís the same as having a ph diet. Once again, weíre also very well controlled on the ph front. Just eat healthily.

Chris - Eat healthily and do exercise.

Giles - Absolutely!


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They don't taste good?
It's hard on the teeth?
Some items need to be cooked or re-heated thoroughly to kill bacteria?

But I guess there's low fat frozen yogurt. I freeze fruit and throw it in a blender with water or skim milk. That's pretty good. cheryl j, Sun, 30th Mar 2014

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