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Is there a food I could eat exclusively?

Tue, 6th Sep 2016

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Vincenzo asked:

Is there a food I could eat exclusively?


Kat Arney put this to our panel...Figure 6: Wheat is used in a wide range of foods

David - Pizza stagioni or something?

Kat - Quattro stagioni - all the four seasons thatís got everything. A naturally occurring food -can anyone think of anything?

Andrew - While not completely naturally occurring, a lot of people claim Guinness and bananas.

Kat - Guinness and bananas, possibly. Iíd be concerned about the protein.

Andrew - And the alcohol level, you probably have to take in everyday will probably have side effects.

Kat - Anyone else got a food that they could live on?

Adam - I mean obviously, these processed ones exist, working in a math office, there are at least two people in my office who are trying to survive on just these smoothies of powder and water. And sometimes they tasted strawberry and sometimes they tasted chocolate and most of the time, they tasted neither and just disgusting.

Kat - Weíve done a bit of thinking here and apparently, you could probably live for a little while on just raw meat, on uncooked raw meat.

Adam - Why uncooked?

Andrew - Vitamin C is one of the things people often talk scurvy if you donít get enough vitamin C. Itís broken down by cooking and ageing. So fresh food is really, really good to get vitamin C and the reason sailors used to get sick is they didnít do fresh food. Itís quite hard to get fresh food in the middle of the ocean unless you're fishing, which they didnít do so much.

Kat - Presumably because you can nourish a person with it, human milk should be a goer? Itís kind of gross.

Andrew - Itís probably misbalanced. Itís not the worst choice but itís fatty. Itís got all sorts of things there for growing baby.

Kat - And not an adult. Weíve got a little bit of research from the livescience website, itís a wonderful piece actually. Itís worth looking up because it tells you all the ways you would die if you didnít eat enough things. So without all the right amino acids, they're the building blocks of protein, your hair would start to lighten in colour, your fingernails would get soft, your lean body mass would start to suffer. Not just your muscles but also your heart and organs. Eventually, your heart shrinks so much that you die. So yeah, donít do that people.


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