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Sat, 29th Oct 2005

Part of the show UFOs, Mars and Space Science


Les in Cambridge asked:

I've had two sightings. The first one was big like an orange, and it was moving very sharply. It kept moving around for about 8 minutes. On another occasion I saw what looked like two car headlights through fog. There was no sound and they were approximately 750 feet up in the air. They were about 30 or 40 feet apart, and as one went on, the other went off.


I can't really say much about the individual sighting. I investigate about 300 or 400 sightings a year. Most of them have conventional explanations, but about 5% don't. Those are the ones that I'm particularly interested in. There's such tremendous interest in this at the moment, and it's no coincidence that the Science Museum at the moment has a new exhibition called The Science of Aliens. This subject really is in the public eye at the moment.


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