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Sun, 19th Dec 2004

Part of the show UFOs & Alien Abductions


John asked:

I had a sighting in the daytime in about 1984. I was doing some gardening at about 4pm, when I stood up to stretch and have a look at clouds. I became aware of a silver disc in the sky that gradually got closer and closer until it was about 500 to 1000 feet in the air. There was no sound and it was present for about a minute and a half. I turned away to call my wife, but by the time I turned back, it had gone. No-one else saw it, which surprised me as it was so large and in the sky on such a clear day. A newspaper in another area reported similar sightings around the same time.


(Nick) I've seen several reports and photos of disc-like objects. Most of them are described as looking like a metallic frisbee. This is a fascinating encounter.


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