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Can you mend a detatched retina?

Sun, 26th Nov 2006

Part of the show Repairing the Retina and Spinal Cord


Chris in Daventry asked:

I had a detached retina in 1980. Although it was repaired in 1982, would it be possible to make it better than it is now? I currently have monocular vision.


It's very difficult for me to answer that question because your retina may be detached, and there may be other reasons why you can't see out of the eye. Certainly if your vision's changed recently then I would advise you to have an eye check-up with your local ophthalmologist. I think unfortunately though, with regard to stem cell treatments and anything like that, I don't think there's going to be anything available for the next few years. I would be more inclined in your situation to make sure that your other eye is checked on a regular basis, and that we make sure to maintain the vision that you have at the moment.


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