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Is there any danger to health from drinking cider?

Sun, 7th Oct 2007

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Mike in Beetley asked:

Is there any danger to health from drinking cider?


Kat:  I would think there probably is if you get really drunk, fall over, do something stupid.

Chris:  Well, ciderís a little bit stronger than beer, on average, isnít it?  So, I would think enjoyed at the same rate as any other alcoholic beverage and within guidelines prescribed by the government and not more than 21 units per week for men or 14 units per week for women.  I canít see any reason why it would be worse for you but obviously in excess itís gonna be bad.  Do you think it counts as one of your five a day?

Kat:  I donít think it counts as a fruit and veg, no!


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