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Charged shirts and thunderstorms

Sun, 9th Dec 2007

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Thursday's Daily mail reported that Portsmouth FCís shirts have negatively charged ions to increase performance. Is that risky in thunderstorms?



We put this question to Mark Peplow, editor of Chemistry World Magazine.

I have to say Iím fairly sceptical. What theyíre saying is that somehow, negative ions, anions, are being generated by the shirt and this is having an effect on blood flow in the bodies of the players that wear the shirts. When you actually read down the story, their reporting a supposed improvement in mean performance of 2.7% and thatís probably quite hard to judge anyway. But that level of improvement, 2.7%, one can imagine a performance boost coming from the positive moral of wearing a high-tech shirt, so I have to say Iím a little sceptical about this.


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