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Should you repair a broken dish for food?

Sun, 3rd Feb 2008

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Norma Webber asked:

My friend told me you shouldnít repair a broken dish or a dish that has a crack in it for food because bacteria get in the crack and itís not safe or sanitary. Is this true?


Helen:  I think if we think about it carefully, itís got to be true that bacteria can get into those cracks and you canít reach them there to scrape them off.  Thereís no physical way of cleaning them out.  Bit of water and food can also get into that crack so they can do very nicely, thank you very much, they're safe, they have water to keep themselves going and food.  Yes, whether or not itís going to actually have a big effect I donít know.  I still drink cups of tea with cracks in and I havenít yet caught anything nasty.  Maybe if youíre worried about it then yes, donít go there.

Chris:  I think sheís right because youíre going to have a bacterial banquet down there.  Youíve got food and water and you canít physically remove the bugs.  They could actually be growing in there and then contaminate food.  If you, for instance put food on the plate and then store it for a period of time it could contaminate the food.  Especially if you put warm food on bacteria grow very, very fast.


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