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Do we sleep better in blocks of four hours?

Sun, 6th Jul 2008

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Jennifer P asked:

Do we sleep better in blocks of four hours?


We asked Professor Russell Foster:

No. It depends on the individual but most of the time itís an eight hour block. Sometimes you can separate it in the middle with a slight waking up phase and then you go back to sleep again. On the whole, no.


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Jennifer P asked the Naked Scientists: I'm writing from cold snowy Montreal I was wondering if it's true that we have to sleep in blocks of 4 hours in order to get a good night sleep. in other words 9 hours you would wake up sleepy but 8 hours would be just right. Looking forward to the next Podcast Thanks a bunch Keep up the great work What do you think? Jennifer P, Sun, 15th Jun 2008

So what about 12 hours??? 16??? etc. Karen W., Sun, 15th Jun 2008

RD, Mon, 16th Jun 2008

Thanks RD! Karen W., Mon, 16th Jun 2008

The 75 year old male's sleep pattern may be due nocturia, due to enlarged prostate.


RD, Mon, 16th Jun 2008

NO But I had a hard time understanding the chart! dowhat is second stage referring to... is that the deeper sleep? Karen W., Mon, 16th Jun 2008

Stage 2 is deeper than Stage 1 ...
RD, Mon, 16th Jun 2008

OK thats what I thought.  Stage two would be nice in longer shots for me.. and rem would be nice on a more regular basis! Karen W., Mon, 16th Jun 2008

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