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Will MRSA develop further resistance?

Sun, 21st Sep 2008

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Rolly Mandlebrot asked:

If we discover a cure for MRSA by whatever means wonít we just end up with a bacterium thatís resistant to whatever our cure is and itís something worse?


Sani - Really bacteria are quite clever as we all know.  The issue is provided we keep on developing new antibiotics weíll be a step ahead of the organism.  I donít believe we should just stay back and say, ĎTheyíre probably winning anyway. Letís leave them.í

Chris - The numbers of MRSA are going down, arenít they?

Sani - Yes.  Itís partly because of intervention measures that have come in over the last few years.  Weíre putting less intravascular devices in nowadays where weíre taking much more care when putting in plastic devices.  At the first sign of any infection these plastic devices are taken out.  Itís probably the main reason why catheter-related blood stream infections, particularly MRSA, have gone down.


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