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Do tsunamis affect earthquakes?

Sun, 2nd Nov 2008

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Zanzibar Rothschild asked:

Is there any correlation to earthquakes on the west coast of the US with the tsunami activity in the pacific?


Chris -   Thereís some suggestion that if you have big, seismic events in one place that you can encourage faults to be triggered in other places. On a global scale the answer is probably not because there are thousands of earthquakes happening around the world all the time. By the time the energy reaches an individual fault the chances are itís probably largely diffused so itís not sufficiently intense to trigger anything.

Dave - I think itís possible for one earth quake to trigger another earthquake which probably would have happened in the next year anyway. as one piece of rock is pulled across another at some point is is just about to slip, at this point quite a small vibration can make it slip.

Chris - Presumably itís geographically quite close.

Dave - Yeah the closer you are the more likely itís going to happen. I think thereís evidence it can happen the other side of the world but only on earthquakes which would have happened very soon anyway.


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