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Is there a maximum temperature?

Sun, 2nd Nov 2008

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Hitoshi, Japan asked:

Is there a theoretical maximum temperature? Weíve heard of absolute zero but what about the opposite? Is there an absolute maximum?


Dave - Absolute zero is because temperature is because temperature is effectively how much energy each individual molecule has. If you give them more energy it gets hot if take energy out it gets cooler. Because something can have effectively zero energy you canít take any more energy out of it. Then you can have a minimum temperature. You can put in as much energy as you like but it becomes faster. There isnít really a maximum temperature.

Chris - Well letís see if someone tries it in the future. We know that the temperature inside the sun is probably about 15,000,000 degrees with lasers to create fusion on the surface of the Earth some scientists are achieving something in the region of 100,000,000 degrees.


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