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Does the UK have a 'body farm'?

Sun, 9th Nov 2008

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John, Peterborough. asked:

In America they have some kind of body farm that researches dead bodies. Is there anything like this in the UK? I guess that tissue banks would fit that criteria wouldnít they?


We put this to Professor Adrian Newland:

Adrian - Yes. Iím not aware of any body farms in the UK unless they are hidden away somewhere.

Chris - Youíre not aware of any body farms in America?

Adrian - No Iím not aware of body farms in America actually. We do have a lot of tissue banks that certainly have been regulated following the human tissue act that came through. These are a very important resource if researchers want to have material to look at, either disease or to look at normal tissue. If you want to find out the cause of a particular sort of thyroid for instance, you can get them from the bank. You can get 30 samples and look at them.


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