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Eating All Your Sweets at Once

Sun, 21st Dec 2008

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Marie, North Yorkshire asked:

I was wondering whether, should you feel the need to stuff yourself with chocolates over Xmas, it would be better to eat them all at once or to eat five or so sweets everyday for as long as it takes. In other words, providing

you're not sick, whether you would be more likely to gain weight with a daily overindulgence or in one marathon chocfest. Not that I am planning to...



We put this to Linda Morgan, Professor of Nutritional Endocrinology at Surrey University

ChocolateBetter to eat all your chocolates all in one go or a few at a time? The short answer is that it doesnít make any difference. The extra calories will be the same in each situation. The only effective way to prevent weight gain is to not eat the extra chocolate in the first place, Iím afraid. Evolutionarily we evolved with feast and famine and we needed to build up the body fat that we should have got in feast times to see us through the famine. However, if you do eat all your chocs in one go and you felt queasy afterwards then you would probably be less likely to build up a chocolate habit that lasts well into the New Year. On the other hand if you eat a few chocs each day you may well end up with a habit that is quite hard to break in the New Year. If you have to eat chocolates have them all in one go and make yourself sick!


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Perhaps having a marathon chocfest is better because less will be absorbed, I mean, surely your body can only gain a certain amount of weight in one day? Whereas having a couple everyday, the body will adjust and add little amounts every day.But thats just my guess... Chemistry4me, Wed, 17th Dec 2008

Presumably the throwing up that accompanies the choc-binge is sufficient to limit weight gain...? chris, Wed, 17th Dec 2008

It doesn't matter. In my house hot things are fattening and cold things promote weight-loss. Chocolate is cold.......
I put my rotund shape down to having unusually round bones. Richard1964, Sat, 20th Dec 2008

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