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Why does my car windscreen mist up only when it rains?

Sun, 11th Jan 2009

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Simon asked:

Why does my car windscreen mist up only when it rains?


Dave - Whatís happening when your car windscreen mists up is youíve got lots of moisture in the air inside your car. If the car windscreen is cold enough then it will be below the dew point and below the temperature at which water can condense on it. You will get condensing on the windscreen until eventually you get little droplets making it hard to see through. Thereís various things which will affect this. One of them is the amount of moisture in the air. If youíve got rain itís very humid and youíre probably wet. Youíre probably heating up water and itís evaporating off you so it makes the air very moist. The other big one is how cold the glass is. If itís raining then rainís probably hitting the glass, taking a lot of the energy out of it and cooling it down. Probably two reasons: one is that thereís more moisture in the air and the other is that itís cooled down.

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