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if I bathed in vodka would it get me drunk?

Sun, 8th Mar 2009

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Steve, Witham asked:

Not that I have any intention of doing this but if I bathed in vodka would it get me drunk?


Kat - That's my idea of fun. I don't know because if you have a bath...

Chris - If you drink the bath water...My children do!

Kat - If you drank it, it might. I don't know if we absorb stuff through our skin. I thin kthe skin's barricaded for the blood stream.

Chris - The skin is pretty good but you do absorb alcohol at the sites of mucus membranes. That's why French people love putting suppositories in their bottoms, for example. There are some tablets you can put under your tongue. Where you have a mucus membrane the blood vessels are very close to the surface and the skin Is very thin. You can get things that dissolve well in fats to go through.

Kat - Would a lady, as well through her lady parts could get drunk by sitting in a bath of vodka?

Chris - Yes, men as well. I think you probably could absorb small amounts that way. Also your eyes, you cold get some of the vapour going in through your eyes, up your nose because it would volatilise. Presumably you'd make it warm sitting in a bath. You'd probably want it warm.

Kat - Maybe a cocktail umbrella.

Chris - Maybe some fruit to go with it.

Dave - I guess it'd also dry you out very quickly because osmosis would suck al the water out from inside you.

Chris - You'd be quite dessicated. You wouldn't want to drink the vodka probably, afterwards.


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Steve Townsend asked the Naked Scientists: Not that I have any intention of doing this - but if I bathed in vodka, would it get me drunk? Steve What do you think? Steve Townsend , Mon, 9th Mar 2009

I shall carry out an experiment on your behalf, forthwith.

Kindly forward sufficient bottles of the said liquor (and an alcohol proof rubber duck) for the purpose. Don_1, Mon, 9th Mar 2009

I heard of an employee in a brewery who fell into a vat. He drowned, but only after he had climbed out three times for a pee.

I guess you could absorb quite a lot of ethanol through your skin and also inhale a significant amount. It would be more effective if the bath had been warmed up to a comfortable temperature. lyner, Mon, 9th Mar 2009

it really depends if you drunk the vodka or not. tangoblue, Mon, 9th Mar 2009

Not to put too fine a poimt on it, I think it would sting too much for you to stay in there for long enough to absorb much alcohol. Bored chemist, Mon, 9th Mar 2009

It definitely would if you were to try breathing submerged  DoctorBeaver, Mon, 9th Mar 2009

A certain part of me winced, involuntarily when I read that. lyner, Mon, 9th Mar 2009

would anyone actually have enough money to buy enough vodka to have a whole bath full... if not it's a bit pointless asking that question. tangoblue, Mon, 9th Mar 2009

Keith Moon could have probably answered this question. LeeE, Mon, 9th Mar 2009

This would work - probably way too well - if you were an amphibian. JimBob, Tue, 10th Mar 2009

Does it only have to be vodka? What about a good old Heineken? Chemistry4me, Tue, 10th Mar 2009

I was thinking about weather or not that could be dangerous given your skins ability to absorb ....wouldn't that possibly pose a serious problem if one stayed immersed in said vodka... could it actually be dangerous and go beyond drunkenness? how much alcohol can your body absorb per hour being submerged in such a hard potent substance? Karen W., Tue, 10th Mar 2009

Weeelll folkkks, I ger ger got into th' barfies lllast *HIC* nahhhight aaand hhhhaaadd a looooooooonngg soap, er sssoorrry soak in wodka *HIC*

Tha bahhrf issss snaw emp *HIC* emp *HIC* emperty, annd Ayee can hon *HIC* hhhon *HIC* hhonnnestleeee shay I fer *HIC* fer *HIC**HIC* ferr feel none t' wooorse fur it *HIC*

Ayeeeee am as soo soo *HIC* sober as a *HIC* (aw bl bl bloody hell *HIC* ayeee must g g get ta th' b b bb bog kerwickerly *HIC*) judge *HIC* Don_1, Tue, 10th Mar 2009

The fumes from the Smirnoff bath may be sufficient to cause intoxication ... RD, Tue, 10th Mar 2009

"Oxygen mixes with the alcohol producing a mist which is inhaled through the mouth."
I hope they banned smoking in that bar. Bored chemist, Tue, 10th Mar 2009

Yes, but only if you drank your own bath water!!!!!!Gag, retch, vomit............. Infy, Wed, 13th Oct 2010

Sorry, i have to appologise for saying that your question was pointless as no one would have enough money spare to fill a bath with vodka... bill and gates. tangoblue, Fri, 15th Oct 2010

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