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Do magnets have healing properties?

Sun, 1st Nov 2009

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William asked:

Why do magnets have healing properties? - If they do, that is...


The answer is they donít.  Itís basically good old-fashioned quackery as far as we know.  Thereís this idea that if you wear copper bracelets or magnetic bracelets in some way, it can help with things like arthritis.  Research has shown that this is absolute bunkem  There isnít really any truth in there.  Thereís some recent results published in October where they did a rigorously controlled trial looking at magnetic or copper bracelets compared to plastic bracelets so people didnít know what it had, and really they found that it was just a placebo effect if you tell someone theyíve got a magnetic bracelet they think itís doing them some good but thereís actually thereís no science supporting it.  But itís a multimillion-pound industry so, you know, maybe worth it, if youíre making them.


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