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If you reverse the polarity, do the sperm go backwards?

Sun, 7th Feb 2010

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Silverwing Benoit, SecondLife asked:

If you reverse the polarity, do the sperm go backwards?


Silverwing was referring to this news story.


Chris -  I'm not sure if they tested that, but my thought would be probably not because they're turning the sperm from something thatís inactive to something thatís active.  But itís a good thought!


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    It seems like a hot topic in a way I guess. :)  Anyway, I thought I would help out to some degree if I can.  Sperm will not swim the other way as some may think.  What does take place though is if a male thinks his mate is cheating on him with his sperm within the female after intercourse the sperm will take a life of its own and act upon the the 'foreign' sperm and repel the 'new sperm' from getting into the egg area in order to impregnate.  In a way, the sperm is programmed from the original donor who may be thinking his girl is cheating on him.  Simply put i guess.  swadewade8, Fri, 18th Nov 2011

& i thought they were like salmon, swimming upstream CZARCAR, Fri, 18th Nov 2011

Do you think the angle of the sperm entering the egg effects the intellectual mind of a child? Like make them smarter? I don't know if theirs even a way to test this theory. But that doesn't matter I have tons of questions for myself. Sorry if it sounds immature, I stayed up all night! Ex. If doggie style on knees different than doggie style standing up where the female has to hold in the sperm causing slower heat.?? Or a rush absolutely spontaneous not aware when sex time is to happen does this effect the child's intelligence?? Chris, Sat, 25th Jun 2016

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