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Is there Hydrogen on the Moon?

Sun, 20th Jun 2010

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Monya Olchowy, Second Life asked:

Is there Hydrogen on the Moon?


We posed this question to Professor Stephen Bennington from ISIS at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory...

Stephen: -   Well I know there’s water up there.  NASA scientists have discovered this recently, but there’s no hydrogen as far as we know.  I've not seen any reports of it.  Hydrogen will only stick on surfaces either below 20 Kelvin or in very thin layers up to perhaps about 50 Kelvin, and most of the moons are higher temperatures than that.  There might be little dark areas whether it’s cold in there, but on the whole, no.

Chris: -   But the fact they found water out there with the mission to slam the probe into the south pole of the moon, means that we can just get the hydrogen we need by extracting the water and electrolysing it presumably.

Stephen: -   Absolutely, yes.

Chris: -   So it shouldn’t be a problem. 


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