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Do volcanoes move location?

Sun, 4th Jul 2010

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Mykei213, Twitter asked:

Is it true that volcano locations, after they've run their course in one spot, move forward to another hit?


We posed this question to Chris Kilburn from University College London...

Chris K -  Sometimes it appears to be the case.  For example, Hawaii and other midplates of volcanic chains have evidence that the activity migrates in a particular direction with time over geological timescales.  In other volcanic areas, you don't actually see the same process.  So, it can be observed, but it doesn’t have to be.


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There is a nice chain of "extinct" volcanoes sticking out of a featureless plain in northern Arizona that look as if they could have been produced by the Continent moving over a hot spot. Geezer, Tue, 6th Jul 2010

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